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Thien D. Tran

Course Description

Beginning course in Statistics. Includes descriptive statistics, graphical displays of data, probability, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, regression, contingency tables, ANOVA, and non-parametric statistics. Includes use of technology.

Textbook Information

In this course we will use "Introductory Statistics" by Illowsky and Dean as our primary resource.

The book is open source so electronic versions are free and print versions are affordable.  Here are some of the options available.

  1. You can download a full PDF of the book in low or high resolution PDF
  2. You can read the book live on the web (no download necessary)
  3. You can download accessible versions accessible versions (includes audio and braille options)
  4. You can buy a printed copy (about $35)
  5. You can buy a premium interactive e-book ($5)
  6. You can check the book out of the Library.

If you need a printed copy and for some reason are unable to print yourself or purchase a copy, let me know and I'll try to help out.

Course Guideline

Since this course is fully online students are expected to check the course website regularly to keep up to date on the course work as well as any announcements and changes to the course. I will have office hours on via Zoom every Monday and Wednesday from 2pm to 3pm for any questions. I can also be contacted via email at

Grading Policy

All grades will be posted on Canvas Grades. Grades will be updated automatically each time you complete an assignment. Grades for discussions will be posted weekly. Exams and Quizzes are typically are automatically graded so that you receive feedback immediately and can identify gaps in your knowledge base before moving to the next module. Always take advantage of any opportunity to re-take quizzes; the goal is for you to actually learn this stuff, not to "catch" you at what you don't know!

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