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Course Description:  This course provides a platform for critical analysis of American history. Topics include industrial and technological development, the changing nature of society, cultural developments, domestic politics, and America's expanded world role. The course meets the California State University requirements for United States History. We will pay specific attention to the development of the concept of freedom, politically and materially, within different subsets of populations in the United States, and how this concept changes over time.  We will also examine the idea that land is freedom, and what this looks like.  You will be required to work in assigned groups on a regular schedule, participate in presentations and discussions, and be an active learner in this class.  Some assignments, mostly writing, will be ungraded, but are still required. Being able to convey your thoughts verbally and in essay format is a skill that takes time and practice thus you will have ample opportunity to practice. Come prepared to participate: we meet late in the evening and we all need to be physically and mentally present!

Textbook Information: 

A PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES  by Howard Zinn, any edition


ISBN: 978-0-312-13397-9

Additional Course Information:

Weekly Assignments: Each week we will follow a similar schedule.  You are required to arrive having read and taken notes on the assigned reading(s). We will start our sessions with the scheduled current event presentation. Next the assigned group will present the chapter outline, highlighting the main and important points and details. We will then work to analyze a primary source, which will lead to an active learning assignment. Comprehension question answers will be turned in each week prior to the start of class, by 6:30pm via Canvas – you are responsible to complete at least 10 of the possible 13. You may also want to bring a hard copy of your answers to class. You will be assigned 3 essays for which we will prepare for in class when possible.

Student Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Critically analyzeand interpret primary documents and secondary sources, and will be able to interpret qualitative and quantitative data in order to evaluate historical events;
  • Develop communicationskills through oral and written exercises, and develop analytical skills by critically interpreting historical events;
  • Analyze howlocal, national, and international policies and practices developed in the past continue to impact their contemporary lives.


Meet Your Instructor: 

Megan Lange           714.564.6543    OR     

Office Hours:            D-407

Mondays:       6:30-7:30pm

Tuesdays:      3:30-5:30pm


Thursdays or early a.m. by appointment

Course Syllabus:  Hist 121 FA 2017 _syllabus.pdf

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