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CDEV: 107 Child Growth and Development


This course examines the major physical, psycho social, and cognitive/language developmental milestones for children, from conception through adolescence. Using developmental theories & research methodologies, course emphasis will be on typical and atypical development, maturation processes & environmental factors.  Students will also observe children, evaluate individual differences and analyze characteristics of development at various stages.


Textbook Information: 

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Student Learning Outcomes 

  • Discuss and write about major theories of child development
  • Describe ways in which developmental domains are continuous, sequential and inter-related
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the physical, social/emotional, cognitive and language development of children, both typical and atypical, in major developmental stages
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current research findings as they apply to child development.
  • Explain how bias can influence the research process
  • Describe objective techniques when observing behavior in children of different ages and different backgrounds
  • Describe the importance of early years and effects of interaction between a child and her/his environment
  • Understand the role of family in facilitating children’s development
  • Outline the role of teachers and other professionals in facilitating children’s development
  • Recognize the role of play and its relationship to development
  • Identify and describe risk factors that impact families and child at each major developmental stage
  • Describe biological and environmental factors influencing the development of identity and self-esteem.


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Attendance and Absence Policy:

In accordance with the college drop policy, students who do not access the class web site or submit the “first assignments” by the due date may be dropped as a no show. Students who fail to turn in the weekly assignments and or participate in the discussion boards will be considered “absent” and may be dropped from the class for “excessive absence.” Students are responsible to officially drop the class or they will receive a letter grade based on their performance.


No Show Drop:

In this course, you must complete all the following activities by Friday of the first week of classes or you will be dropped as a “No Show”.

1.Complete the introduction

2. Complete Mandated Reporter Certificate.

2. Attend class on September 1st.

Excessive Absence Drop: If two consecutive weeks of non-participation is observed by the instructor the student will be dropped. Non-participation is determined when a student has missed more than 10% of the total course activities including but not limited to discussions, projects, quizzes, etc. Under extenuating circumstances, a student may be reinstated by the instructor.

Course Syllabus:  SAC Syllabus HYBRID CDEV 107- Fall 2017-2.doc

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