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SAC LogoMKTG. 113 - Principles of Marketing Syllabus

Course Description: 

This is an introductory course in marketing.  The course provides an overview of the elements of the marketing plan including conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods & services to create exchanges that satisfy consumer and organizational objectives. 

Textbook Information:  

There are no physical textbooks for this class. You don't need to purchase a book. Your textbook, is all online and on this Canvas site. It's called Waymaker. If you are not familiar with Waymaker, it is VERY IMPORTANT to click on the "Waymaker" link on the Home page and review the material. Modules 1 through 15 will represent the 15 chapters we cover in this class.


Additional Course Information

Due Dates and Instructions: 

This is a 100% online class. That means it is VERY important to follow the instructions and read the directions VERY carefully. I try to send reminders for the more important deadlines, but it is on YOU to meet the deadlines and follow the Syllabus and Canvas instructions for when to post discussions and when to submit assignment and when the Quizzes are due. You also ought to read/listen/study the material (books, links, assignments) based on the schedule on your own and try not to fall behind.

Discussion Forums: 

For all discussions - you must create a thread prior to being able to join the discussion and see the other student comments. You are required to post on at least two (2) other students’ comments to receive up to full credit for the discussion.


Course/Student Learning Objectives: 

Upon completion of this course each student will demonstrate a detailed understanding of marketing.  All students will benefit by acquiring a general knowledge of marketing that will enhance their career.

Meet Your Instructor: Prof. Ali Kowsari. For more detail visit Instructor Contact page.

Course Syllabus:  Here is the complete Syllabus. You must study this at the very beginning of the class and before starting the modules:  Mktg-113 Syllabus

Course Summary:

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