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Course Description: 

In addition to professional skills, freelancers require highly developed soft skills in order to build a successful career in freelancing. Unlike “hard-skills” such as math, sciences, trade, etc….soft skills are rarely taught in schools, and they are much “harder” to acquire without the keen observation of human nature and interactions, and implementing it in social setting and networking. It takes diligent practice, and of course the knowledge of the fundamentals of business communication. In this one unit class, we are going to touch on some of the most important soft skills required for a freelancer to succeed, and provide you with the foundation you as freelancer will need to build upon.

Complete Course Syllabus:  SAC_Freelancer_Cert_Unit2_Syllabus-Entr121 FALL2017 (You can see a preview of the Syllabus above. If you want to download the complete file, click on the link itself and save to your computer)

Textbook Information: 

For our Freelancer classes we are using books that you can read or purchase in different formats. Hard copies or electronic copies can be purchased from the Internet. You can even borrow or rent the books if you like. YOU ALREADY HAVE MOST OF THESE BOOK IF YOU TOOK THE ENTR-120 CLASS. The classes are short, so make sure you get your books as quickly as possible.

Required Books:

Life is a Series of Presentations, by Tony Jeary with Kim Dower and J. E. Fisherman (2004) –

available online ( and on Kindle.

Made to Stick, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath (2007) – in paperback, online, & Kindle

The Freelancer's Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Career of Your Dreams - On Your Own Terms, by Toni Sciarra Poynter and Sara Horowitz (Oct 23, 2012)

Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months: A Month-by-Month Guide to a Business that Works by Melinda F. Emerson and Michael C. Critelli (Mar 18, 2010)

Are You Ready to Become Your Own Boss? by Melinda F. Emerson (Jan 31, 2011)


Meet Your Instructor: 

Prof. Ali Kowsari. For more detail visit Instructor Contact page.

Additional Course Information: 

This class is part of our exciting and new Freelancer certificate. There are six classes in the program and this is the second class. The entire program is:

Entr. 120. Introduction to Working as a Freelance Independent Contractor

Entr. 121. People Skills for the Freelancer

Entr. 122. Opportunities in Freelance Industries and Trades

Entr. 123. Marketing to Attract Customers and Grow Your Freelance Business

Entr. 124. Survival Finance and Accounting for the Freelancer - Show me the Money

Entr. 125. Launching Your Freelance Business


We hope you will consider taking all the classes and getting your certificate in twelve weeks, or you can pick and choose the classes you need.

Course Learning Objectives: 

  • To understand and practice soft skills in entrepreneurship
  • To learn about opportunities and resources available to you to sharpen your people skills
  • To become familiar with “cutting-edge” entrepreneur trends and
  • To help you develop business ideas and translate business ideas into opportunities and efficient presentations.
  • To help you connect with human

Student Learning Objectives: 

Soft Skills:

Students will be able to name (list) soft skills that are key to doing business successfully.

Communication Skills:

Students will have an appreciation for proper communication; will be able to assess their abilities in communicating with others in business and to improve their skills in this regard.


Students will have a better understanding of technologies available to Freelancers specifically and entrepreneurs in general in order to work efficiently and productively.


Students will learn how to apply course content to create an effective LinkedIn profile in order to network with their business community.

Course Summary:

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