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Syllabus for Sections 120-40416 & 120-40447


Course Description:  Principles, methods, and procedures essential to the successful management of human and financial resources. Planning, decision making, staffing, directing, motivating, leading, communicating, controlling and the application of managerial skills.


Textbook Information:  MGMT 10, Chuck Williams, Cengage ISBN 9781337116756

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BUS 120:

Course Learning Objectives:  Upon completion of this course each student will demonstrate a detailed understanding of management functions within an organization or general business.  All students will benefit by acquiring a general knowledge of business management that will enhance their career.

Student Learning Objectives: 

1. Communication Skills

  • Listening and Speaking - Students will be able to communicate management principles to influence the behavior of others in the workplace. They will also be able to communicate information and directions to superiors, peers and subordinates and involve others in an open communication process.
  • Reading and Writing - Students will learn the topic content and vocabulary associated with the course. They will formulate written communication to influence their work environment.

2. Thinking and Reasoning                

  • Critical Thinking - Students will be able to recognize and identify workplace and individual problems and differentiate facts from inferences while gathering information.
  • Creative Thinking - Students will learn to make sound management decisions based on diffent business scenarios.

3. Information Management

  • Students will be able to develop hypotheses, compare and contrast possible problem solutions, analyze possible outcomes, and recommend action plans.


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17 December 2017

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Course Syllabus:  SYLLABUS FALL 2017 - BUS & MGMT 120 online - PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT w SLOs.pdf

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