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Course Description:  Expository and argumentative essays and the research paper. Special interest sections described in schedule of classes.  Students may be referred to the Learning Center.

Textbook Information:  Ways of Reading, 9th ed.; MLA Handbook, 8th ed.

Additional Course Information:  Revisable assignments are in bold in the syllabus.

Student Learning Objectives: 

  • Students will be able to read critically for literal and implied meaning, identify main ideas, organizational strategies and authors’ writing strategies as well as summarize, paraphrase, and analyze written works.
  • Students will use the writing process to write, in proper MLA format, academic essays, including a documented research paper, using appropriately chosen details, organizational strategies, more complex sentence variety, and sufficiently correct grammar, punctuation, effective word choice, and style.
  • Students will evaluate and ethically use primary and secondary sources to avoid plagiarism and will use the library’s resources, including online databases, to locate appropriate academic source material.


Meet Your Instructor:  Pete Nguyen, Contact: (714) 488-2603,

Course Syllabus:  Syllabus

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