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Course Description: 

"Business 125 - Introduction to International Business" is a fundamental of international business course that includes a survey of international marketing, finance, law and logistics. It includes how a company decides to go global and how products are made, transported and sold around the world.

Textbook Information:  

The Global Entrepreneur – Third Edition     by:   James F. Foley                   ISBN-10: 0975315315

(Used books are fine)

Student/Course Learning Objectives: 

Assist the students in obtaining an understanding of international business concepts in order to establish a foundation of international business knowledge. The course Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s) are:


  1. Students will analyze and discuss information and terminology in marketing, finance, logistics, law and cultural. Students will determine the issues in these fields as they relate to international business.


  1. Students will learn the topic content and vocabulary associated with the course by completing the text, handouts and reading assignments. They will be able to express this terminology and its usage in the written assignments.


  1. Students will learn how cultural diversity impacts and affects international business.


  1. Students will compare and contrast careers available in field of International Business.

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Course Syllabus:  Bus 125 - Syllabus - Fall 2017

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