Course Syllabus

SAC LogoSAC Student Canvas Training Syllabus

Course Syllabus:  This workshop does not have a formal syllabus.  Simply explore the different training topics to learn the technical skills necessary to use them in a course in Canvas.  To receive the Canvas Training badges, complete the quizzes in each module.  80% or better is required for a passing score.  More information about badges and certification can be found in the Training Badges & Canvas Certification module.  It is not necessary to read, view and complete every content item within the training.  If you feel you already have the technical skills necessary to use a tool in Canvas, then there is no need to read, view or complete the associated exercises. 

Read Carefully Stop SignThis is NOT a required course.  This workshop is to teach students the technical skills necessary to complete a course using Canvas, and there is no "official" grade associated with the workshop.  This course is not required, and will not affect student grades or GPAs.  This course will not appear on your transcript. 


Meet Your Instructor:  Tammy Cottrell 

Tammy Cottrell Tammy Cottrell has worked for Rancho Santiago Community College District since 2007.  She began her career in Information Technology Services, where she worked as a Help Desk Analyst before transferring to Santa Ana College's Distance Education Department in 2013.  Ms. Cottrell specializes in Instructional Technology Support and Training.  Prior to joining RSCCD, Ms. Cottrell worked in a variety of technology dependent industries, primarily as a manager and technical trainer.  Ms. Cottrell received a Bachelors of Science with an Emphasis in United States History from Chapman University in 2001.  She continue her education pursuing a Masters Degree in Teaching with an emphasis on Special Education, and spent a few years teaching in the K-12 system, in both mainstream and special education classrooms.  Ms. Cottrell is Online Teaching Certified and is Canvas Gold Level Certified.  She continues to pursue and learn about new technologies for the classroom.  In her spare time, Tammy enjoys hiking with her dogs, camping, fishing, cycling, and playing ice hockey.

Tammy hiking with her Westie                     Tammy goal tending in an ice hockey game                    Tammy with a large backpack loaded with camping equipment


Course Description:  The SAC Student Canvas Technical Training Workshop is a self-paced course intended to teach students the technical skills required to successfully complete a class in Canvas.

Textbook Information:  This course does not require a text book.  All class materials will be provided within the workshop.


Course Learning Objectives: 

  • Provide learners with the technical skills necessary to complete a course in Canvas
  • Learners will successfully participate in the training course utilizing Canvas

Student Learning Objectives:  Learners will learn the technical skills necessary to -

  • Navigate through a Canvas course
  • Set the Canvas preferences & profile
  • Communicate with the Instructor and Classmates in Canvas
  • Upload & manage files
  • Access & navigate modules
  • Access & navigate content pages
  • Access & participate using interactive tools
  • Access & complete assignments
  • Access & complete quizzes, tests, and surveys
  • View grades & associated comments
  • Advanced features
  • Earn Training Badges & Canvas Certification

Course Summary:

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