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Course Syllabus

Course Information

Course title: Math 180  CRN 82222

Semester: Summer 2020


Instructor Information

Instructor’s Name: Vu Phan

Office Hours: Tuesday 1:20-2:20 pm

Office Hours Location: Conferzoom

Instructor Contact Information:


Course Schedule

Class Meeting Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Class Times: 6:30pm- 9:20pm

Class Location: Conferzoom


Course Description

Topics covered:

  • Limits and continuity
  • Derivatives and integrals of algebraic, trigonometric, and other transcendental functions.
  • Applications including extrema tests, related rates, and areas.


Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

  • State the definitions, properties, and basic identities of the six trig functions.
  • Solve trigonometric equations and identities using algebraic relationships among the six trigonometric functions.
  • Solve right triangles and oblique triangles using the appropriate trig method.


Enrollment Information

  • Successful completion of Math 140 and 162 or Math 170 with a minimum grade of C or equivalent skills as measured by placement into Math 180 according to the Santa Ana College Mathematics Department’s placement standards.


Course Materials

Required Materials:

  • Scientific calculator
  • Online Access code for Webassign. Textbook is optional.
  • Computer or tablet or cell phone to access zoom lecture


*Grading Policy

Grading Criteria and Assignment weights
















Grading Scheme

  • A 90-100%
  • B 80-89%
  • C 70-79%
  • D 60-69%
  • F 0-59%

You can access your grade of the class at any time by going to the Canvas-Grades on the menu navigation pane.

Expectation for Written Homework

Each assignment collected is worth a possible 10 points.  Assignments which are turned in late will be worth a possible 5 points.  Late homework will be accepted only up to the day of the test covering that particular homework section.  Please write clearly and show all your work.  The problem statements must be written down (you may paraphrase word problems).  Points may be deducted for excessively messy work.  Do not use paper torn from wire-bound notebooks, as points will be deducted if you do.  DO NOT COPY SOLUTIONS FROM THE SOLUTIONS MANUAL.  IF IT IS APPARENT THAT ONE OR MORE PROBLEMS IS COPIED, YOU MAY RECEIVE A ZERO FOR THE ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT.  There are many resources available to you if you need help with the homework such as Math Center, our Discussion board, and myself.

I will grade your assignments, gave you my feedback, and return it to you by email.

Academic Honesty

Academic dishonesty or cheating is defined as an intentional act of fraud, including but not limited to a student seeking to claim credit for the work or efforts of another without authorization. This includes assisting other students in acts of dishonesty or coercing students into acts of dishonesty, whether it is in coursework or on exams. There is no tolerance for academic dishonesty in this class. Any student caught in acts of dishonesty or assisting another student in acts of dishonesty will receive a zero on the assignment or test.  An “Academic Misconduct Incident Report” may also be filed with the Dean of Science, Math, and Health Sciences and the Dean of Student Affairs.  College-wide sanctions including suspension or expulsion from the College may also be imposed.   


Netiquette is online etiquette. It is important that all participants in online courses be aware of proper online behavior and respect one another.

Use appropriate language for an educational environment:

  • Use complete sentences
  • Use proper spelling and grammar
  • Avoid slang and uncommon abbreviations
  • Do not use obscene or threatening language

Remember that the College values diversity and encourages discourse. Be respectful of differences while engaging in online discussions.


Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who would like to request an academic accommodation, is responsible for identifying herself/himself to the instructor and to the Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS). To make arrangements for academic accommodations, contact the DSPS office at (714) 564-6295 in room VL-204.  If you would like more information, visit DSPS- Student Services.

Student Resources

There is free tutoring available in the Math Center (L-204) and in the Learning Center (D-307). Please visit detail instruction of how to sign up for Math Center on your Canvas course under Module. I strongly encourage students to utilize these resources and to work together outside of class. Please come see me outside of class if you have any questions regarding the material or the course in general. You do not need an appointment to see me during my office hours.


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